February 21, 2012

Interior Tuesdays: Clean Slate

I have been in a total white mood. Which, if you know me or my house, is very out of character. We like a lot of color in our household so this very strong urge for a clean, crisp white - everywhere - is sort of dramatic. Maybe it is the constant clutter of toys that seem to appear all over our house all the time or the darker days of winter but I am craving white - flowy and simple. Clean.

My favorite room in our house right now is the bathroom - white subway tiles, black trim on the sink cabinet, white fixtures and light blue walls. It is refreshingly light and empty and calming. Everything fits in a cabinet or on a hook and voila - a clutter-free area. It seems that as soon as I reallocate stuff around the house to a more organized way, chaos shortly follows and all is lost. So maybe if I just add a little more white (what?!? More white with two kids under 3!??! Are you kidding me!?) it will make it seem a little more together...

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