February 5, 2012

Good Gawd - What a Beautiful Weekend!

It has been such an amazing weekend here! It really feels like spring/early summer...the sun feels so good, the energy while walking around town today was upbeat and excitable, all our gorgeous mountains were out in full glory and there was a pod of Orcas at the beach on Saturday!

While the other half of our family was up skiing, the boy and I went on a little urban hike through some nature trails to check out the creeks and ended up at the beach. For a little boy who hated taking baths until about a month ago, he sure is ALL about getting into water at any opportunity. He dipped his toes and hands and knees into the Sound and didn't seem fazed at all that the water was freezing. He was mesmerized by the waves.

This winter has been absolutely dream-like - sunny skies, snow and very little of the usual dark and dreariness. I am loving it!

Top photos fo Orcas courtesy of MyBallard.com

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