February 5, 2012

Monday Memos: Kiddo Clothes

Kid's clothes seem to hang out on the opposite ends of the fashion wand - ok, sorry, that doesn't make much sense, I'm writing this at night as I wait for my kids to go to sleep and am starting to feel a little loopy with sleepiness - what I mean to say is that is seems kid's clothes are either super chic and expensive or pinkalicious pops of cartoon characters and cheap. Where is my classic boat neck striped kid's T under $15? Or a super simple but beautiful dress for under $30? I mean, I am not even sure I would spend $30 on a dress for my three year-old given there are so many amazing consignment shops around town but maybe if it were just perfect? Nah, probably not. Who am I kidding? I can't even remember the last time I bought my kid's something brand spankin' new. Is that horrible? Ah, well, they  still look adorable. 
Anyhoooo, here are some quite delicious looking girl's clothes that seem almost DIY-able if I could ever find some time to sew again. The key to good looking clothes is the fabric - some nice linen or sturdy cotton would work really well and be very versatile. Clean, simple patterns or none at all would fit the bill as well. I am currently obsessing over every thing at this shop at d'Arthur a Zoe - I would wear every article of clothing they sell myself! 


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