March 20, 2012

Interior Tuesdays: Patios

Should we do it? Should we start dreaming about outdoor spaces yet? I know it is still frigid outside where I am, but I cannot help but feel the pull of Spring. The cherry blossom trees are blooming and there is talk of temps in the 70's on the east coast so I thought, why not? Let's dive right in. Let's start getting excited about our patios.
We had to take a huge cedar tree off of our property this past month due to a very dangerous crack it was developing. We still need to schedule the stump grinding but after that it is Operation Yard Redo. We have to move some of the fences to make up for the loss of the tree so that our kiddos don't escape and obviously a whole yard revamp is in order. So bring on the daydreaming...
These pictures are more patio-centric but next week I'll start compiling some yard ideas.

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