February 27, 2012

Monday Memos: Bangs

So I used to have bangs and then I decided they were too much work for a mama so I grew them out. Well...I want them back. I keep seeing pictures of myself with them and they look so good...keep in mind that the pictures were taken pre-children but still - I have a few minutes in the morning to fuss over bangs right? I mean, I need to try a little harder cause throwing my hair up in a top bun every day is getting a little old.

So I cut them. In my bathroom. While my kids were napping. And...not so good. So I cut a little more, maybe making them a little shorter would do the trick...nope, still not cool. Oh well, pin them back, grow them out again and call it a day. Until...

...I watched this video and I got inspired. I ran out and purchased a round brush, an attachment for my hair dryer and some hair spray. I combed way back on top and cut some more bangs to make them a little thicker - I have pretty fine hair and wavy to boot so more often than not my bangs look a little like they did in the 7th grade - so I figured adding some more in there would do the job.

Well. Now I am definitely committed to the bangs. It took me a few days to feel prettier than Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber, but now I think I really like them. It takes a few minutes for them to set in the morning and then they stay pretty straight and in place all day long. So for now, I am once again embracing them - I hope they treat me well so that I can rock them with gusto.

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