February 15, 2012

DIY Thursday: TeePee

I finally did it. After pinning a million and one TeePees, I finally found the free time to make my own - I made it for my daughter's 3rd birthday this week and she totally digs it. Added a "sheepskin" rug, some throw pillows, a llama poncho for a blanket and a "fire" light for effect...

The white canvas-like fabric I bought didn't cover the structure so I just went with a sheet - hot glueing it to the stakes and sewing up the edges for a true teepee effect. For about $6, this will do the job just fine. With Pinterest and all the crazy creative blogs out there, it is quite easy to do a DIY and think, this does NOT look as good as the one online. Who cares! It is what you had the time, money and energy for and the end result is that you made something for you or your family or your friends that only YOU could make. Kids rarely will notice the difference between a $6 homemade-two-hour teepee and the fancy $100 one at the store. It's a fort to them and that's all they care about. So go try, try to make something you have been meaning to make and enjoy the process as much as the end result. I guarantee you will feel good once you complete it - shoot, I fell good when I actually get that laundry put away. Any complete project is cause for celebration no matter how big or small.

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