So why a blog?
Well, I started a blog when I was pregnant with my first child at the urging of my dear friend since she had recently moved across the country and would not be able to witness it. I started posting belly shots, then newborn pictures and before we knew it, it was a virtual photo album of all of our family moments. It is a personal site - one that I only share with friends and family, so it was time to start my own site - for ME.

What is your purpose?
Oh, you know, just to connect with other like-minded peeps and to create a virtual file cabinet of all the fun stuff I see out there in the world.

What's with the weekly posts? Can't you just be spontaneous?
Yeah, sometimes. But I am a diehard list-maker and organizing freak. I like structure with a splash of zing. It helps me gather my thoughts so that they are not all over the map - gives a little direction, if you will. I throw in the zing here and there when it suits me.

Do you do anything other than mothering and blogging?
I wish! Mothering seems to take up quite a chunk of time. When I do find a spare moment or two, I like to live in the fantasy world of the interweb. Instead of getting to dress in sparkly party clothes and kick back in my magazine-worthy home, I let these images inspire me to create my own beautiful world. When I have a spare couple of hours, I like to laugh with my friends, travel, play in the water and do fun crafty things.

Did you really have both your kids at home?
Yes, yes I did. Call me crazy (and believe me, I called myself this many a time during both labors) but I really wanted to do it the natural, all hands on deck, kind of way. It is, by far, the thing I am most proud of. Ever.

What did you do before you started mothering full time?
I worked in Private Wealth Management (Investment Management). I enjoyed it as I love economics and math but I fell out of love with it after 6 short years. I quit right before the falling of the banks and the proceeding recession. It just lost all the spark that I believed it to have. I needed a little bit more satisfaction and creative activity from my job. And then shortly thereafter, I became a mom which certainly fits the bill in those areas now doesn't it?

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