February 6, 2012

Interior Tuesdays: That Darn Playroom Again

Ok, so I am still tackling the playroom situation. I have finally cleared out the room and started on the skeleton of a teepee. If I can find a moment where my 10 month-old isn't pulling at my pant legs and my almost 3 year-old is out of the house (the teepee is a birthday surprise), I will finish it up and show you all.  I am hoping to get to it during a nap time this week while Missy Miss is at school or Nana's house.

Isn't it funny how with all our access to websites and pinterest and blogs, it's like all of a sudden we are ALL interior designers and stylists. I mean, I certainly am. I am constantly tweaking our house around to fit my latest mood or inspiration. Luckily, the Goodwill is one of my favorite stores (it's literally a goldmine full of under appreciated treasures) so it doesn't harm our bottom line that much but this girl needs another hobby. I am starting to tire of my endless quest for the magazine ready home. Turns out, the simpler my decor is - read: no clutter, no figurines on the shelves and actually, just get rid of that shelf and voila, no problem - the freer my mind is as I sit down on the couch for those rare little moments of peace and quiet. Maybe if I just create a new painting for that wall and...ahhh, I digress.

Anyhoo....here is what this post was supposed to be about! The playroom.

So here are some of my ideas that I think will work really well in the space:
I bought four or five (can't remember, which means I need to stop buying them) big floor pillows that I want to recover like the ones above. Fabric search is ON. 
I am going to have two twin beds on one side of the room - for jumping on, future sleep-overs and a place to stop and snuggle for a bit. I will probably end up with two beds from IKEA since they are cheap and have drawers on the bottom already. They surface on craigslist from time to time. I really wanted to build something like this or this but I know I just don't have the time to do it and I am impatient to get this room done already. 

Swings! A total must for a ruckus filled playroom. 
Chalkboard...I am thinking I will paint a little portion of the wall. 
And fill it with toys that make you move your body and use your noggin. Fun! 

Ok, I swear this will be my last post on playrooms until ours in DONE. 

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