February 7, 2012

Hop on the Party Train

A friend and I were talking about insecurities the other night. We all have them. I have them, you have them, he has them, she has them. We all deal with them in different ways, but I would be shocked to find someone who didn't have a few. (If you are out there, reveal yourself and share your secrets!) So I am going to share mine with you.

I have never been one to party a lot, I don't have jokes up my sleeve and my sense of humor can come off as a little too sarcastic. So my main insecurity is that I am no fun, not the life of the party, not the girl you first think of when you want to go out and have a good time. But here's the irony - I love going out and hanging with friends. I am more of an observer I guess. I laugh a lot at other people - people really amuse me and it is fun to share a laugh or two. I get a kick out of watching you get drunk and make funny comments or shake your booty in front of the DJ booth (who am I kidding, when was the last time I went out where there was a DJ? So this is clearly a reference to our pre-child days but go with it for peet's sake) or take the piss out of our best friend.

During our discussion, my friend was so kind to point out that no one friend will fulfill everything we need in friendships - you have your comedians, your bookworms, your adventure-seekers, etc...That's why you have more than one friend! So while I will never be the center of attention - the one getting the laughs - every party needs some people who actually do the laughing and the listening and I suppose that's me.

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