October 23, 2011

Style vs Fashion

 Iris Apfel from PEM
Iris Apfel from nytimes.com


 When I was in high school, I had some serious style.  Not style that everyone would necessarily want to emulate but style none-the-less.  I wore gypsy/princess dresses made out of these great blues and greens and sequins and glitter thread.  I wore homemade skirts with a belt and boots and a little boy's raincoat.  Like I said, it wasn't popular fashion but it was eye-catching.  I have since slowly but steadily dropped back down to mainstream fashion. Not that being fashionable is bad or boring but it just doesn't take as much imagination or project otherworldliness.  And it's easy. Sorry to say, but it takes about 3 minutes to throw on some skinny jeans, a striped T, boots and maybe a chunky necklace.  It looks good and it feels cool but it is just a tad bit...well, easy.  Where as these outfits from Iris are mind-blowingly imaginative and make you gasp out loud.  They are works of art.  I need some more of that in my life...I just have to be able to nurse an infant and run after a toddler in them.  No big thang right?

and for more on Iris, read this Poudre de Riz bit.

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