October 28, 2011

Coveting Now

From MonkeysAlwaysLook - I ordered two if these rings, one with each kid's name on it.  I wanted a way to carry them around with me at all times without being too showy, just a subtle reminder and these fit the bill perfectly. She makes them in silver too but I wanted something a little different so I bought mine in copper.  They just arrived today and I am in love.  

Ok. Ok. I admit it. It's Fall and it's COLD.  Time for cozy cowl neck scarves like these

The Quinny Zapp.  After trying a variety of double strollers, I concluded that they were all just too heavy, too bulky and too much of a pain in the butt. Since I had already sold my MacLaren single, I ventured off into new territory - the Quinny Zapp.  It is AWESOME. It folds up super small and is easy to handle on sidewalks. My oldest is way into her bike these days so she doesn't seem to mind not riding in the stroller. I bring along the Ergo too just in case.  

Cozy flannel pj's from Jcrew. They, of course, make these look almost sexy where as we all know what they really look like...at 11AM on a Sunday. Not so hot but still soooo comfy.
I bought these boots for my niece who is turning 1 next week. It was incredibly hard to find shoes with a rubber sole in size 2 - but happened across these at my fav kid's consignment store. 

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