October 11, 2011

Places to Go

 Ketchum/Stanley, Idaho

Venice, CA

 Kipahulu, Maui, HI

 Point Reyes, CA

It is vacation day dreaming time.  You see, here in the PNW, this season we are embarking on is called grey-rain-dark-cold season otherwise known as fall.  So this is the time I like to day dream about my favorite places to visit.  I'll keep it within the country.

Basically anywhere between Point Reyes and Venice, CA are go-to sites. LOVE them. The eucalyptus smell, the palm trees, sunshine against clay walls, the OCEAN.  Every time I go to Cali, I feel so healthy and pretty.  It has something to do with that sun I think.

Ketchum and Stanley Idaho are soooo pretty.  The land goes out forever until, bonk, it hits up against these beautiful mountains.  The air is fresh, the rivers are cold and the snow is awesome.

New York City.  The best city really to visit.  I am not sure I could live here but a few days here and there are so fun.  So much life and creative inspiration.

Kipahulu, Maui - HEAVEN on earth. Truly. Walking off the airplane in Hawaii is like wrapping up in your favorite lost blanket...the warmth and humidity are so comforting.  The birds, the fragrance, the guri-guri...magical.  

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