October 5, 2011


 Lake Bell in No Strings Attached
John Krasinski in Something Borrowed
I'm not sure why I continue to watch these mediocre romantic comedies...I still feel like I have to watch them all even though I know they will be stupid and annoying.  I feel as though it is my job as a twenty-something young woman...oh wait, I mean thirty-something young woman.  Oh, yeah. That's right. I am growing up now.  Ah ha!  Maybe I just don't believe the over-processed love triangle anymore.  No, that can't be it. I mean I still shed a tear for the Notebook but that movie is SO beyond the scope of these new rom-coms.  It is a classic.  There. I said it. 

Well, anyway. The last two I watched were No Strings Attached and Something Borrowed.  The ONLY saving grace was the small roles by Lake Bell and John Krasinski.  Lake Bell killed it comedically in No Strings Attached - I haven't seem her before and I just loved her.  I will have to keep my eyes out for her again.  It reminded me of Kristen Wiig in her small role in Knocked Up - so fantastically funny.  John Krasinski was really the only thing in Something Borrowed that halted me from fast forwarding through most of the movie - he just makes you chuckle.  

So I am giving myself permission to skip over these silly movies from here on out. I do not need to see every Jennifer Aniston movie.  Well...maybe that's a little drastic.    

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