October 3, 2011


(garance dore)
Are overalls making a comeback?  They look so chic in these photos but I am still not convinced.  Overalls bring up two thoughts for me -  
The Bad: pregnant ladies in overalls.  sooooo not attractive.  I'm sorry, I know it's hard to fit into pants and be comfortable (believe me, I've done it twice) but for the love of gawd, do.not.wear.overalls.  It's just plain frumpy.  
The Good: Every time I see overalls, I am reminded of when I wore them to see Reality Bites in the theater in the big city. By myself.  (I grew up on an island so you had to take a ferry to the city)  I remember feeling SO grown up -  strutting down the sidewalk in the big Cit-ay.  The overalls had bleach stains on them (purposely stained by my friend Jane) and I wore an orange/white striped T from the Gap underneath.  Can't remember what shoes I was wearing, which is weird since the shoes make or break any outfit right? 
Do you remember the striped ones everyone had?  

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