March 15, 2012

Thursday DIY: Toy Chest/Kid Seat

This IoLine Changing Trunk is an ingenious design. It is one part toy chest, one part changing table and one part reading bench. And it looks great. We have something similar in our living room although by no means as chic. Many years ago, my Dad built a cabinet for under their television to hold videos and such. Once they upgraded their television, he built a wall hanging cabinet instead so the old one was shoved in the garage to be, probably, never used again. Until I had kids. I thought it would make a great toy chest - the key is that it has two drawers so you can "hide" the toys when they are not in use. And it was free. I added a roll of drawing paper on top to act as the art center. The top now has one-of-a-kind child masterpieces drawn all over it but that's ok. It adds character.

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