March 26, 2012

Monday Memo: Toys

Toys can kind of take over if you are not careful. It took a few years for me to nail down exactly what worked best in our home. I generally prefer wooden toys but here are some plastic ones that are pretty crucial to our play.

Duplos - My mother-in-law saved a bunch from when my husband was a kid so we have a fair amount of old school-squarish duplo people around along with the more modern shapely ones. My daughter can play with these for hours - building zoos and pools and houses. The people that come with the various sets now have a nice wooden home to live in and pairs of skis to play on (thanks to my handy cardboard cutting skills). They go in the shower, in the bath and sometime eat with us. They are true friends.

Babies - We have a collection now. One that stays up at the mountain, one at Nana's, one at the farm and a few that reside with us full-time. This is Joovy. She is the current favorite.

Trucks and Cars - Both my kids love these trucks, bulldozers, tractors and cars. Sebastien likes to "drive" his all over the house. They have created ramps and hills and garages for them.

All these toys spark a certain amount of imagination that's for sure...and that is always the goal.

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