March 1, 2012

Thursday DIY: Photo Books

I think the photo albums of the past are just that these days - from the past. I no longer want to cart along hefty albums full of pictures that sometimes fall out. Instead, every year I organize my iPhoto library and make a book of my favorite pictures of the year. I just use the iPhoto Book maker that comes with the program but there are a ton of other options out there as well, notably MyPublisher and Blurb. I am just lazy and went with what was easiest for me.

At some point I also want to make a book of my kid's art - when there is enough to document. Sometimes I scan the art but since their art is very 3-D still I mostly take a photo of it and drag it into its own iPhoto folder for safe keeping. There is a lovely site called Petite Picasso that I may try out once the time comes.

Finally, instead of a 3-ring binder full of recipes that keep slipping out, why not make your own Cookbook? According to Clover Lane, Blurb has a great recipe template. How fun is that?

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