November 29, 2011

Interior Tuesdays: Bathrooms

Bathrooms usually just functional - it takes some doing to make it a pleasant place to hang out. They are usually small, filled up with useful accessories like sinks, tub and/or shower and toilet...not a lot of room to add your personal touch. But these bathrooms added just enough to make it feel loved - a place you may want to hang out in. Weird to want to chill out in your bathroom? Well, take a look at these and you may change your mind.
I like the deep deep tub and rug - white against the colors. 

That ruffled shower curtain is awesome! There is a hint of green on the walls which I like and that towel looks lovely to snuggle up in. 
Indoor AND outdoor shower in ONE!??!?! Can you say, dream shower?!
I don't think I have to describe what I like about this one. 
I like the sink with two facets and once again, a deep deep tub!

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