November 8, 2011

Baggy Sweat Pants

I forget what movie it was, but the main female character wore these really comfy yet not frumpy sweats. They were fitted somehow...I was pregnant at the time so I knew I couldn't try on a pair but as I was browsing H&M one day I found some that fit the bill. I bought them in my normal size and stored them away for post-pregnancy. You better believe that as soon as fit back into my pants, I tired those puppies on and I LOVED THEM. They are, first and foremost, comfortable, but they are also not the baggy sweat pants you wore in college - they FIT. They somehow make you feel COOL and HIP. Not bad, not bad at all. I mean if J.Crew is making some and they list them under not Sleepwear but, get this, Weekend Wear, than you know it's a trend you better get on. 

Photos from Victoria Secret and American Apparel and Jcrew

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