January 22, 2012

Monday Memo: Glasses

Many years back my sister found some glasses like this top photo at a thrift store - she took them in to get her prescription filled and voila, a very retro glasses look. I guess she was ahead of the curve because now you see these types of glass everywhere! They are very cool I must say. For someone who has fairly perfect vision, it gives you some glasses envy for sure. My dear old friend K used to wear glasses without a prescription in them because she felt cooler in them...isn't that funny? But it's so true - it's like a little bit of a prop of some sort. Makes you feel a little different than the person next to you. I had to get glasses for driving at night and you better believe I picked out the coolest pair I could find. There is this store in my neighborhood that has about a thousand uber hip glasses to choose from - it is quite the shopping experience. Some sunglasses after the jump...


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