January 6, 2012

Family Fridays: Snuggle Time

I have to admit that snuggling with your children tops snuggling with anyone else in the whole world. Yep, they surpass your husband, partner, lover or what-have-you. A child is the perfect little size to scoop up in your arms or drape over your belly. Their noggins fit right in the crux of your armpit with enough room to hug them with your arms and not have your hands fall asleep. My favorite is when they rest their face just below your neck and stare off into a trance. You get to smell their yummy hair and kiss their forehead. Sometimes if you are lucky, your infant will grab for your finger and hold it in his little hand. They have the softest skin known to man – softer than the most expensive leather. Sometimes they will fall asleep unexpectedly which makes you want to hop up and fist pump your hand while prancing around the couch in a celebratory dance – but you don’t, this is just too precious. So you just slouch down a little, trying not to breath in fear of waking up the sleeping beauty, and you watch. Or you snore off into slumber land yourself after a few seconds. 

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