December 19, 2011

The Glow

The lastest post at The Glow is really beautiful and I think it is my favorite so far - she seems like a great balance between a creative force and a nurturing parent. I like that she shared a bit of her birth story too and that she had her baby at home! Yay for home births! It's hard to talk about home births and wooden toys and the like without sounding pretentious but she sounds so nice about it and honest. It's refreshing.  
"At this age, I don’t actually think she needs that many toys. She’s happiest with the either her red rattle, a bottle of water, or a box of tissues. If I’m trying to get dressed, I just pop her on the bed and give her a box of tissues and it buys me at least 15 minutes. I really like crocheted or wooden toys for her. They’re old fashioned, pretty, and have been working for years, so why change it up and get flashy plastic toys."

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