December 15, 2011

Thursday DIY: Dresser and Curtain Revamp

Here are two items in my kid's room that were pretty simple DIY's.

I needed a dresser that was pretty low to the ground so that our little monkey wouldn't have far to fall if he were to lose his balance while on one of his frequent climbing adventures. I didn't want it too big either - these kids don't need a million clothes so 3 drawers each seemed just perfect. I also didn't want to spend any money. Ha! So I found this dresser at the Goodwill for $20 - but it was UGLY. It was this dark wood color that just didn't go with the colors in their room. So I painted it white and added some knobs to make it easy for little fingers to grasp and open. Now it matches the trim and looks great next to the fir door.

The curtains were even easier. I found some great fabric at a thrift store, cut them to size, trimmed the edges on the sewing machine and added clip-on curtain brackets. Done.

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