December 2, 2011

Family Fridays: The Short End of the Stick

This picture is actually Maya way back when...but you get the idea
You instantly feel bad for the second kid. Even before he pops out, you are already complaining: I’m too big too soon, my joints hurt, why is this kid late, get out of me you weasel! But then he joins you in this world and you look at that squishy red face and think, ahhh, he’s beautiful, he’s perfect…

..until month two when he doesn’t sleep all day anymore and actually wants your attention. Can’t you see I have my hands full with your sister? Just sit in your bouncy chair and act like you are loving life. I just need to wipe your sister’s ass and then make breakfast and then put the laundry away. Oh, wait, what? You need me NOW?

You start to worry that this poor kid will never have his shining star moments. You are so busy trying to corral two kids around that you worry he won’t feel the love you so clearly have for him but have less time to give than the first time around. On a side note, I will say that the older kid thoroughly entertains this second one – so much so that sometimes I think maybe I have it wrong, maybe the first kid got the short end of the stick. I mean, little Sebastien has a bouncy girl in his face, handing him toys, dancing and singing for him all day long. There is no way I could sustain the sort of energy a toddler can exude over the course of 12 hours. It’s insane. Thank you Miss Maya for loving your brother and despite trying to sit on him and periodically pushing his face to the ground, you are the best playmate a Mom could ask for. But I digress, what I really want to say is that you begin to wonder if you will cherish all the little accomplishments this second one is going to achieve. I mean, seriously, you’ve seen one kid learn to walk and talk, how exciting it is going to be to watch it again?

Turns out, it is VERY exciting. Maybe even a tad bit more so since you had such low expectations of yourself. Sebastien sat on his own last week. He has been crawling around and climbing up on things for a while now but the sitting thing never quite stuck with him. He wasn’t interested I guess – he wanted to keep up with his older sister. But last week I turned the corner after, yes, putting the laundry away and there he was, sitting in all of his glory. He was beaming when he spotted me. It was magical. I squealed with delight and he giggled up at me - clearly understanding that he was doing something great. The little guy will have lots of shining moments and I cannot wait to squeal at each one of them. 

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