August 5, 2011

Traveling with Children: Flying Vs. Driving

With our first child we traveled quite a bit. Everyone has always said that traveling with children is a hellish experience and I couldn't have disagreed more. It was easy. Our daughter was a natural traveler and it didn't matter whether we flew or drove. If we flew, she was ecstatic to see all the airplanes on the runway and to play with the seat trays. If we were driving, she usually fell asleep for most of the drive and liked exploring a new location whenever we needed to take a break.

But, with TWO kids, this nice and easy traveling time is firmly and positively OVER. Well, at least for now. I am sure hoping it gets easier again as they get older but for now, I am so travel weary that I can't even begin to dream up our next vacation. We attempted to take both kids on a 650 mile road trip to Sun Valley, ID. We made it almost 200 miles before we made the decision to cut our loses and head back home. 200 miles which should have taken us a little over 3 hours took 2 days and almost 10 hours of "drive time" - not a very efficient way of traveling. You see, with two kids with opposite nap schedules, one is always waking up the other mid-nap and before you know it, you have two screaming children.

Perhaps we will attempt a flying trip next...

How about you, what are your traveling experiences with children?

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