August 8, 2011

The Closet Essentials

The Shoe Version

Here are my essential shoes...the shoes I wear everyday through the seasons. I of course have a closet full of shoes that I DON'T wear but you just HAVE to keep because you just never know when an opportunity to wear sequined t-straps or vintage red leather pumps may come about. But I digress.

Converse sneakers. A MUST. I can wear these with just about anything I own - from sundresses to jeans to slacks - and they are oh so comfortable and quite hip if I do say so myself.

Cowboy boots - adds a little "style" to your everyday outfit. Very Nancy Botwin.

Rainboots. I live in a wet city. Rainboots are essential for chasing around children in mud puddles and beach hopping in the winter. I don't like spending money on rainboots so I actually picked up some at the Goodwill of all places for $7! They look like Hunter's but are not so flashy. I love them.

Reef Flip Flops. I buy a pair of black reef flip flops every 2 years. Same size, same color.

Sandals. To dress up summer dresses, to make you feel a little more grown up and cute.

Saucony Sneakers. So when I have to walk to the park and chase after my children, I don't have to wear ugly white sneakers. This ups the cool factor just a tad.

Sorels. It snows here and we ski so a warm, good-looking snow boot is always nice.

Black Leather Boots. For fall and winter with black opaque tights and dresses. Makes me feel like I'm trying just a little to add some style to a usually bland winter mood.

Flats. Easy to throw on with what ever you wear from dresses to skinny jeans.

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