September 9, 2011

Scatter on the Brain

When did I become so scatter brained?  Was it the toddler or the second child that pushed me over the edge?  I REMEMBER being on top of my game: never late, always early, mostly showered and stylishly dressed, bills paid on time, dinner served every night.  The other day my friend asked me to hold his cell phone while he chased after our toddlers in the water at the beach.  When it was time to leave I could NOT find his phone anywhere near where I had been, sitting no less (watching my infant), even though I had SWORN I had put it in the zippered pocket of the Ergo.   After a fruitless search in the general sandy area where I had sat, I was on the verge of tears from frustration and utter embarrassment that I was not responsible enough to hold on the a freaking cell phone for 20 minutes when 3 girls came up with the missing item. PHEW!  Saved by fourteen year olds.  

Hey, someone has to have their head on right.

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