September 5, 2011

Red Jeans

I met my new best friend at the park the other day.  I mean, I HOPE she becomes my new best friend.  She was cool, laid back and easy-going with her kids - who, by the way, were the same age as my kids and sported the same crazy non-brushed curly hair.  We even drive the same car.  Scary, I know.  
But I digress.  She got my attention initially because she was rocking a pair of red skinny jeans - a welcome jolt of color in a sea of baggy mom jeans and sweatshirts in the park that morning.  I must say, she has inspired me to pay a little more attention to what I am wearing, even if it's just to go to the park "real quick" or run to the store aka "no one will see me."
You never know who you may run into or meet.  Lesson learned.  Thank you Lisa. 

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