May 28, 2012

Come Join Me...

at my new location Oh Darling Love. I have decided to shift my focus to areas that truly and continually inspire me. I want to focus on how I move closer and closer to living naturally, family stories and family profiles - what are other families doing to inject love and adventure into their lives. I will be writing up profiles of families that inspire me as well as what my own family is up to, lifestyle changes that we embark on and the thrills that ensue.

A little bit about the purpose of Oh Darling Love: I have always loved the feel of co-ops and natural food shops. I thoroughly enjoy looking over all the original products and smelling the essential oils that line the register counter. It is a warm and comforting feeling. Living a life close to nature seems like a perfect fit for me albeit one little snag…it turns out I like people. I like living in the city where the energy is always bursting and there are surprises around every corner. So how does one marry this love of natural things and city life? Well, this is my documentation of attempting to do so. I live in a relatively small city where neighborhoods still reign and small little communities are alive and well. I also live in an area where farms, bays and mountains are all within a two hour drive which makes living off the land a viable option even though I reside in a bustling metropolis. Despite my desire for more warmth and sun, I am coming to the conclusion that this may be the best possible spot to sort of have it all (this theory is still being tested out however.)
I also have a family – a daughter and a son. My husband and I were avid travelers before said children and strived to be just as adventurous after but the trials and tribulations of having small children (they are 3 and 1 years old) are proving to be more restrictive than we had anticipated. Well, let me rephrase that, we knew it was going to be restrictive, we just didn’t know how much we would miss our travels. So in addition to documenting how we strive to be gentle to mother earth, I am deeply interested in those who are living a life of purpose and adventure. How are other families making their dreams a reality?
So please join me over at Oh Darling Love!!!
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