July 28, 2011

Swaddle Swaddle

So the simple ol' one little swaddle isn't cutting it anymore. We started with a kiddopotomas and moved on to the miracle blanket which I might add was truly a miracle...until it wasn't. He is almost 4 months and getting himself miraculously out of the wrap. This would be fine I suppose if he was not waking himself up with his flailing hands and since he sleeps in the same room as his older sister, this is indeed a problem. A much stronger restraining device is needed: meet the sleep sack + swaddle contraption. Once he unwraps himself from the swaddle, he still has to get his hands and arms through those little arm holes of the sleep sack. Brilliant. I am banking on the idea that perhaps after working so hard trying to free himself out of the swaddle that he will be quite tired and decide against fighting the sleep sack and rack it out instead.

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